Fasting can lead to remission of Type 2 diabetes

Written by | 21 Jan 2023

Persons with Type 2 diabetes have achieved complete remission of disease following use of an intermittent fasting diet intervention, researchers reported on Dec. 22, 2022 in the Journal […]

Benefits of time-restricted eating depend on age and sex

Written by | 2 Sep 2021

Not everyone benefits equally from TRE, but TRE has important health benefits for all. Time-restricted eating (TRE), a dietary regimen that restricts eating to specific hours, has garnered […]

How fasting diets could harm future generations

Written by | 18 May 2021

Fasting diets have risen in popularity in recent years, however little is known about the long-term impact of these diets, particularly for future generations. New research, published today […]

Pesco-Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting may lower heart disease risk

Written by | 7 Oct 2020

A Pesco-Mediterranean diet rich in plants, nuts, whole grains, extra-virgin olive oil, and fish and/or seafood is ideal for optimizing cardiovascular health, according to a cumulative review published […]

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