To what extent are pharmaceutical and illicit drugs contaminating city rivers?

Written by | 30 May 2024

In research published in Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, investigators sampled water from 19 locations across the Hudson and East Rivers in 2021 and 2022 to identify and quantify the […]

Assessment of the knowledge, attitude, and perception of healthcare providers regarding halal pharmaceuticals

Written by | 2 May 2024

The way religious beliefs and medical treatments intersect can really affect how people use medications and stick to their treatment plans. Lately, there’s been talk about “Halal pharmaceuticals,” […]

EU regulation does not adequately consider environmental emissions of pharmaceuticals in global manufacturing supply chains

Written by | 10 Jan 2023

EU regulation pertaining to good manufacturing practices and environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals does not adequately consider the environmental emissions of pharmaceuticals in global manufacturing supply chains, a […]

How big, bulky drugs get into our cells

Written by | 11 Dec 2022

Recent findings by UCSF and Arc Institute scientists open up new possibilities for overcoming a fundamental challenge in drug discovery. There can be a tradeoff between optimizing a […]

A waste windfall: New process shows promise turning plastic trash into pharmaceuticals

Written by | 8 Dec 2022

Catalina Island, located 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, once collected Hollywood royalty, smugglers and silver miners. Now, it collects trash. Its windward-facing harbor is a […]

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