Anti-inflammatory drugs commonly taken by children can cause alterations to dental enamel, study shows

Written by | 20 Apr 2023

A study conducted at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil and described in an article published in the journal Scientific Reports shows that anti-inflammatory drugs commonly taken by children may […]

Dear Santa, please bring indomethacin and ivermectin

Written by | 21 Dec 2020

We are hearing almost hourly warnings of how the NHS will soon be overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases. Yet we have within our grasp two long-established drugs with activity […]

Indomethacin for early covid-19

Written by | 22 Oct 2020

Indomethacin reduces the severity and duration of covid-19 symptoms and the need for hospital admissions There is mounting evidence to support the use of indomethacin to control covid-19 […]

Indomethacin or aspirin for covid-19 cough?

Written by | 28 Aug 2020

The similarities between the ACE-inhibitor cough and the cough of covid-19 prompted Dr Colin Brown, a retired GP and researcher, to investigate further. “The ACEI cough is stopped […]

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