University of Helsinki announces world’s first professorship of sustainable pharmacy

Written by | 9 Jul 2023 | Practices and Services

The new discipline aims to address sustainability gaps in the entire life-cycle of medicines, from drug discovery to end-of-life, and reduce the environmental footprint of pharmaceuticals.

The University of Helsinki, renowned for its strong presence in pharmaceutical drug research, recognizes the urgent need for sustainable solutions in the field. The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Helsinki now establishes the world’s first professorship in sustainable pharmacy. The professorship will help the University community provide companies and employers with experts in pharmacy and medicines, who will have the opportunity to change practices in the sector and make them more environmentally oriented.

“The professorship has been made possible by generous donations from pharmaceutical companies, organisations working in the field, student organisations and private citizens. We are very grateful for the support”, says Dean Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma.

The position is part of the Resilient and Just Systems (RESET) profiling area, funded by the Research Council of Finland, which aims to foster inter- and transdisciplinary research, promoting sustainable and just solutions and increasing system resilience.

Sustainable pharmacy, as an emerging field, offers a unique opportunity for the selected candidate to pioneer and develop the discipline. The appointed professor will lead frontier research projects, collaborate nationally and internationally, and work closely with regulatory bodies, the pharmaceutical industry, and other healthcare professionals to ensure societal impact and foster innovation.

In addition to research, the professor will actively contribute to the academic community by enhancing the quality of research and teaching. The role includes responsibilities in graduate and postgraduate/doctoral level education in sustainable pharmacy, both in domestic language programs and the English language Master’s Program in Pharmaceutical Research, Development, and Safety.

To be considered for the position, applicants should possess a doctoral degree, demonstrate proficiency in sustainable pharmacy, and have teaching and research experience. Fluency in English is required, and proficiency in Finnish (or Swedish) is desirable.

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