More than a quarter of people with asthma still over-using rescue inhalers, putting them at increased risk of severe attacks

Written by | 18 Jun 2022

Asthma is a common lung condition that affects 5.4 million people in the UK and can lead to symptoms such as coughing, wheezing or feeling breathless. Asthma is […]

Asthma – current management

Written by | 14 Jun 2022

Despite considerable advances in the understanding of asthma and the treatments available, at least three deaths each day in the UK are due to asthma. In this series […]

Reasons to be a respiratory pharmacist

Written by | 13 Jun 2022

Pharmacists bring a special and distinctive set of skills to the care of people with asthma and it is an area that can offer a stimulating and rewarding […]

Making the case for respiratory pharmacists

Written by | 12 Jun 2022

Steroid stewardship is an important task for respiratory pharmacists and is one of the measures that can have a positive impact on the overall outcomes of asthma explains […]

Where do pharmacists work in respiratory medicine?

Written by | 11 Jun 2022

There are numerous opportunities for pharmacists to work in respiratory medicine across the whole spectrum of health care in a variety of roles, according to Dr Anna Murphy, […]

Biologics and working with asthma patients

Written by | 10 Jun 2022

As an independent prescriber Dr Anna Murphy, Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist, keenly aware that she is accountable for what she prescribes. Here, she describes how she uses her pharmaceutical […]

Asthma and why it causes deaths in the UK

Written by | 9 Jun 2022

Three deaths each day in the UK are due to asthma despite considerable advances in the understanding of the disease and the treatments available. IMI spoke to Dr […]

Using e-cigarettes may lead to higher use of and spending on health services

Written by | 4 Jun 2022

Use of electronic (e) cigarettes appears to lead to substantially higher costs and excess use of healthcare services in the USA, suggests new research published in the journal Tobacco […]

Smoking increased in those trying to quit during COVID-19, study shows

Written by | 13 Apr 2022

While smoking rates have declined dramatically in the United States, there are still 35 million smokers. There are few data about whether, and if so, how current cigarette […]

Infant deaths from RSV are much higher than previously known

Written by | 4 Feb 2022

Nearly one in ten of all deceased infants under 6 months old were infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus. A new study found that nearly one in ten of […]

Vaping worsens frequency of COVID symptoms

Written by | 24 Jan 2022

Electronic cigarette users who tested positive for COVID-19 reported a higher frequency of COVID-19 symptoms than similar patients who don’t vape, researchers reported on Jan.13, 2022 in the Journal […]

Pain and anxiety impact breathing on a cellular level

Written by | 31 Dec 2021

Salk scientists discover that a neural circuit coordinates breathing with negative emotions. You’re startled by a threatening sound, and your breath quickens; you smash your elbow and pant […]

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