Remembering faces and names can be improved during sleep

Written by | 16 Jan 2022

For those who rarely forget a face, but struggle with names, the remedy for boosting learning may as near as your pillow. New research by Northwestern University is […]

Psychotherapy declined by half since 1990s in US

Written by | 15 Dec 2021

For decades, psychiatrists routinely used both psychotherapy (talk therapy) and medication to treat patients. This is hardly the case anymore, according to a new study out of Columbia […]

Men experience more emotional pain during breakups

Written by | 25 Nov 2021

A new study of online relationship support finds that men tend to experience emotional pain more than women when their relationship takes a turn for the worse. An […]

What our wandering thoughts can teach us about mental health

Written by | 7 Oct 2021

Where does your mind wander when you have idle time? A University of Arizona-led study published in Scientific Reports may offer some clues, and the findings reveal a […]

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