Alarmingly high rates of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing to older and Black patients, finds US study

Written by | 22 Apr 2022

Almost three-quarters of antibiotics prescriptions to patients aged 65 years or older, and two thirds to Black patients, are inappropriate, according to a study analysing over 7 billion […]

Pharmacy researchers receive patent for chemical probe

Written by | 4 Apr 2022

Many brain diseases and disorders lead to neuroinflammation, a swelling of brain tissue that is increasingly recognized as one of the telltale signs and disease progression factors of […]

Addressing healthcare needs of transgender adults: Qualitative study finds three main barriers to receiving primary care in a supportive environment

Written by | 9 Mar 2022

Transgender individuals are less likely to have had a primary care visit in the last year than cisgender individuals despite having more chronic conditions. A study from Regenstrief […]

The role of black hospital pharmacists and ABHP

Written by | 4 Mar 2022

Dr John Clark is a past president of the Association of Black Hospital Pharmacists (ABHP) – an organisation in the US that champions the proper use of medication […]

Early education of African American pharmacists

Written by | 3 Mar 2022

A question from a student about the first African-American female pharmacist prompted Dr John Clark to investigate the education of African-American pharmacists; what he found surprised him and […]

Reaching and supporting patients at The BRIDGE clinic

Written by | 2 Mar 2022

Finding and enrolling the uninsured and under served individuals who are eligible to use the services of The BRIDGE clinic is a task in itself, according to ambulatory […]

Clinical pharmacy services at The BRIDGE clinic

Written by | 1 Mar 2022

The pharmacy team at The BRIDGE healthcare clinic routinely performs a number of tasks related to effective use and ongoing supply of medicines, ambulatory care clinical pharmacist, Dr […]

Machine learning antibiotic prescriptions can help minimize resistance spread

Written by | 28 Feb 2022

Antibiotics are a double-edged sword: on the one hand, antibiotics are essential to curing bacterial infections. On the other, their use promotes the appearance and proliferation of antibiotic-resistant […]

Smart packaging could improve how older adults take medication

Written by | 25 Feb 2022

Older adults are open to using smart packaging to improve their medication-taking experience, a new study finds. Smart packages are used to electronically monitor when patients take their […]

Researchers find novel means of flagging inpatient pharmacy orders for intervention

Written by | 24 Feb 2022

Medication order errors are a significant, and preventable, public health problem. The widespread deployment of electronic health records and computerized order entry systems has largely reduced medication order […]

Primary care network pharmacy – making it work

Written by | 28 Jan 2022

Steve Williams, Senior Clinical Pharmacist at Poole Bay and Bournemouth PCN describes how some critical factors need to be taken into account when planning and organising PCN pharmacy […]

RCT of medicines optimisation in general practice

Written by | 27 Jan 2022

Steve Williams, Senior Clinical Pharmacist at Poole Bay and Bournemouth PCN explains the positive findings from a randomised controlled trial that evaluated the impact of a medicines’ optimisation […]

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