Assessment of the knowledge, attitude, and perception of healthcare providers regarding halal pharmaceuticals

Written by | 2 May 2024

The way religious beliefs and medical treatments intersect can really affect how people use medications and stick to their treatment plans. Lately, there’s been talk about “Halal pharmaceuticals,” […]

NUS pharmacists develop a “cheeky” and pain-free solution for drug delivery

Written by | 1 Aug 2023

Conventional ways of administering medication – by swallowing tablets, consuming bitter syrups, injections or rectal insertions – could be distressing and unpleasant for some patients, especially young children […]

Pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine in practice

Written by | 29 Jul 2023

Pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine are increasingly becoming a part of mainstream healthcare and it is an area where pharmacists have a major part to play. In this series […]

The challenges of developing pharmacogenomic services

Written by | 28 Jul 2023

Recent research has demonstrated the value of pharmacogenomics-guided prescribing but this is a far cry from the implementation of routine services. Dr Raliate Onatade Chief Pharmacist for North […]

How does pharmacogenomics work in day-to-day practice?

Written by | 27 Jul 2023

A number of examples show how pharmacogenetic testing is being integrated into day-to-day practice and helping to improve the safe and effective use of medicines, Raliat Onatade, Chief […]

The added value of pharmacogenomics to prescribing

Written by | 26 Jul 2023

Raliat Onatade, Chief Pharmacist for North Thames Genomic Medicines Service Alliance, recently gave the opening keynote address at the EAHP Congress in Lisbon (March 2023) on the subject […]

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