1 in 4 parents say their teen consumes caffeine daily or nearly every day

Written by | 22 May 2024

A quarter of parents report that caffeine is basically part of their teen’s daily life, according to a national poll. Two in three parents think they know whether […]

Alarming rise of electronic vaping use in U.S. adolescents

Written by | 15 May 2024

Electronic vapor products (EVPs), also known as e-cigarettes or vaping devices, have an allure because of their marketed image as a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking and […]

Discovery made into which children will outgrow their peanut allergy

Written by | 12 May 2024

Australian researchers have discovered how changes in antibody levels over time can predict which children are likely to outgrow their peanut allergy. The research, led by Murdoch Children’s Research […]

Obese and overweight children at risk of iron deficiency

Written by | 21 Apr 2024

Children and young people who are overweight or obese are at significantly higher risk of iron deficiency, according to a study by nutritional scientists at the University of […]

Primary care telemedicine linked with fewer antibiotics for children than direct-to-consumer telemedicine

Written by | 25 Mar 2024

New research from the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC shows that telemedicine visits conducted for children with primary care providers (PCPs) are associated with fewer antibiotic prescriptions than telemedicine visits with virtual-only […]

More than 11% of U.S. 12th graders used psychoactive delta-8-THC last year, study finds

Written by | 16 Mar 2024

A new study suggests that delta-8-THC, an intoxicating substance typically made from hemp, is being used by a substantial number of young people across the United States and could potentially pose […]

Infant health suffered during baby formula shortage

Written by | 11 Mar 2024

The nationwide baby formula shortage two years ago forced many parents to involuntarily switch brands or types. A recent survey from researchers at the University of California, Davis, […]

Can they hear you now? Kids increasingly exposed to noise health risks via earbuds and headphones

Written by | 25 Feb 2024

While it’s not surprising to spot teens wearing headphones and earbuds, it’s also becoming a widespread trend among younger children, a national poll suggests. Two in three parents […]

This common medication could save half a million children’s lives each year. So why is it underprescribed?

Written by | 12 Feb 2024

Health care providers in developing countries know that oral rehydration salts (ORS) are a lifesaving and inexpensive treatment for diarrheal disease, a leading cause of death for children worldwide — […]

Almost 1:10 adolescents non-prescription weight loss products globally

Written by | 15 Jan 2024

One in ten adolescents globally have used ineffective and potentially harmful non prescribed weight loss products in their lifetime, with 2% using them in the previous week. A […]

Study finds melatonin use soaring among youth

Written by | 19 Nov 2023

Nearly one in five school-aged children and preteens now take melatonin for sleep, and some parents routinely give the hormone to preschoolers, according to new research from the University of […]

Language barriers may cause some children to be underdiagnosed for allergic conditions

Written by | 15 Nov 2023

About 20% of the US population speaks a language other than English when they are at home. The abundance of languages spoken in the United States can pose […]

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