Eye drops slow nearsightedness progression in kids, study finds

Written by | 4 Jun 2023

The results of a new clinical trial suggest that the first drug therapy to slow the progression of nearsightedness in kids could be on the horizon. The three-year […]

Meeting more UK Government dietary guidelines during childhood could improve future cardiometabolic health, new research suggests

Written by | 16 May 2023

The study, led by researchers from University of Bristol, is based on data from the world-renowned longitudinal health study, Children of the 90s (officially known as the Avon Longitudinal Study […]

Survey: Half of parents believe their children’s mental health suffered due to social media during the past year

Written by | 4 May 2023

Concerns continue to grow about the impact social media use has on the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents. According to a new national survey conducted […]

Integrating mental health services into pediatric primary care at federally qualified health centers improves mental health care engagement for children

Written by | 29 Apr 2023

New research led by Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Public Health found that integrating mental health services into pediatric primary care at federally qualified health […]

Anti-inflammatory drugs commonly taken by children can cause alterations to dental enamel, study shows

Written by | 20 Apr 2023

A study conducted at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil and described in an article published in the journal Scientific Reports shows that anti-inflammatory drugs commonly taken by children may […]

Frequent GP visits improve health outcomes for children with asthma but are often irregular and inconsistent

Written by | 23 Feb 2023

Frequent GP visits improve health outcomes for children with asthma, however they are often irregular and inconsistent leading to an increase in hospital readmissions, new research has found. […]

1 in 3 parents may unnecessarily give children fever-reducing medicine

Written by | 18 Feb 2023

For many children, winter season comes with regular exposure to circulating viruses at school or daycare. And a warm forehead is often one of the first clear signs […]

Boiled peanuts could help overcome childhood allergy

Written by | 5 Feb 2023

Boiling peanuts for up to 12 hours could help overcome children’s allergic reactions, according to the results of a clinical trial which found up to 80% of children […]

UK soft drink taxes associated with decreased obesity in girls

Written by | 30 Jan 2023

The implementation of the two-tier soft drinks industry levy in the UK in 2018 was associated with an 8% reduction in obesity among 10-11 year old girls, with […]

Do skin moisturizers help prevent eczema in infants?

Written by | 24 Nov 2022

Atopic dermatitis (AD), also called atopic eczema, is the most common, chronic, recurrent, inflammatory disorder of the skin, and it affects 5–30% of children worldwide. An analysis in […]

Biologic dupilumab shows efficacy for eczema in young children

Written by | 29 Sep 2022

Treatment with the biologic drug dupilumab brings relief to children younger than 6 years-old who are suffering with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (eczema) The findings were published on Sept. […]

The right moisturiser for children with eczema is the one that they like to use, study finds

Written by | 29 May 2022

The Best Emollients for Eczema trial has found that no one type of moisturiser is better than another.  This study, the first in the world to directly compare […]

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