Regular screening mammograms significantly reduce breast cancer deaths

Written by | 3 Dec 2023

Breast cancer mortality is significantly reduced when women regularly attend screening mammograms, according to research being presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). […]

Environment and wallet benefit from redispensing cancer pills

Written by | 26 Nov 2023

Redispensing cancer drugs reduces both environmental impact and medical costs, according to research from Radboudumc pharmacy published in JAMA Oncology. The annual savings could amount to tens of millions. […]

How should clinicians prescribe opioids for cancer-related pain in patients who use cocaine or methamphetamines?

Written by | 13 Sep 2023

Clinicians treating cancer-related pain must consider whether and how to prescribe opioids to patients who use nonmedical stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamines; however, no guidelines exist related […]

Breast cancer overdiagnosis common among older women

Written by | 8 Aug 2023

A study of more than 50,000 women found that continued breast cancer screening after age 70 was associated with a greater incidence of cancer that likely would not […]

Could pharmacist-prescribing reduce chemotherapy errors?

Written by | 24 May 2023

Shannon Nally is a pharmacist with a strong background in aseptic pharmacy work and oncology. Whilst studying for a master’s degree at University College Cork (UCC) she undertook […]

How investment could help reduce chemotherapy prescribing errors

Written by | 23 May 2023

Chemotherapy prescribing is an “error-prone process” according to Shannon Nally, the author of a study conducted at University Hospital, Limerick. The findings suggest that prescribing of chemotherapy by […]

Investigating chemotherapy prescribing errors

Written by | 22 May 2023

Shannon Nally is a pharmacist with a strong background in aseptic pharmacy work and oncology. Whilst studying for a master’s degree at University College Cork (UCC) she undertook […]

Community health van increases access to a vaccine that helps to prevent six types of cancer

Written by | 6 May 2023

In a joint initiative that includes Hollings Cancer Center and the Department of Pediatrics, MUSC researchers launched a community mobile health van in 2021 to help to increase […]

Study finds “important shortcomings” in official cancer drug information

Written by | 10 Apr 2023

Important information about cancer drug benefits, and related uncertainties, is frequently omitted from official prescription drug information sources for clinicians and patients in Europe, finds an analysis published […]

More proof that too many medications leads to adversity for older cancer patients

Written by | 2 Mar 2023

When older adults with cancer take multiple medications — including ordinary drugs like blood pressure pills, supplements, or antacids — it can result in more toxic chemotherapy side […]

HKUMed research team estimates over 30% elevated risk of breast cancer among antipsychotic users

Written by | 28 Sep 2022

A research team from the Centre for Safe Medication Practice and Research (CSMPR), Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong (HKUMed) […]

New guidance for cancer pain and opioid use disorder or opioid misuse

Written by | 6 Jul 2022

Opioids are a cornerstone of cancer pain management, but there is a lack of consensus on how to treat pain in cancer patients who also have struggled with […]

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