Promoting lower-calorie options on delivery apps could help users select healthier options, randomized trials find

Written by | 22 May 2023

Simple initiatives to help people select lower-calorie options when ordering takeaways in delivery apps could help tackle the obesity epidemic, suggest three randomised trials being presented at this […]

Confirming the safety of genetically edited allergen-free eggs

Written by | 19 May 2023

Researchers have developed a chicken egg that may be safe for people with egg white allergies. Chicken egg allergies are one of the most common allergies in children. […]

Established cardiovascular disease in people living with overweight or obesity associated with more illness, death and medical costs than obesity alone, UK study in over 420,000 adults finds

Written by | 18 May 2023

Adults at high cardiovascular risk and living with overweight or obesity [1] experience a higher number of cardiovascular events (such as heart attack and stroke), are at greater […]

Meeting more UK Government dietary guidelines during childhood could improve future cardiometabolic health, new research suggests

Written by | 16 May 2023

The study, led by researchers from University of Bristol, is based on data from the world-renowned longitudinal health study, Children of the 90s (officially known as the Avon Longitudinal Study […]

Behavior patterns of people who achieve clinically significant weight loss

Written by | 9 May 2023

A new study analyzing data on over 20,000 U.S. adults links a healthier diet and increased exercise to weight loss that reduces heart disease risk – while associating […]

10 popular diets scored for heart-healthy elements; some need improvement

Written by | 30 Apr 2023

Statement Highlights: A new American Heart Association scientific statement assesses and scores the heart healthiness of popular dietary patterns. Several dietary patterns, including the DASH-style eating plan, Mediterranean, […]

Switching drinks can be a lifesaver for adults with type 2 diabetes

Written by | 22 Apr 2023

Among persons diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, consumption of tea, coffee or water rather than sugary drinks has been linked to lower rates of early death due to […]

Study links poor diet to 14 million cases of type 2 diabetes globally

Written by | 21 Apr 2023

A research model of dietary intake in 184 countries, developed by researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, estimates that poor diet contributed to […]

Study finds food and beverage brands are common in child-influencer YouTube videos

Written by | 14 Feb 2023

Candy, sweet and salty snacks, sugary drinks, and ice cream brands frequently appear in videos posted by top child-influencers on “made-for-kids” YouTube channels, according to a new paper from researchers […]

UK soft drink taxes associated with decreased obesity in girls

Written by | 30 Jan 2023

The implementation of the two-tier soft drinks industry levy in the UK in 2018 was associated with an 8% reduction in obesity among 10-11 year old girls, with […]

Grb10 offers a potential new approach for treating obesity

Written by | 5 Jan 2023

For many people, keeping a healthy body weight can be a challenge. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among adults 20 years-old and over, the prevalence […]

New app to help people eat the right portion sizes to get to 5 a day

Written by | 31 Dec 2022

A new app has been developed to help people reach the recommended target of eating five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. It tells users whether they […]

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