Molecule found in coffee boosts muscle function in older people

Written by | 6 Apr 2024

A natural molecule present in coffee could improve muscle health and function, according to a new study. The molecule, trigonelline, also occurs in the human body, in the […]

Very low calorie diets are safe and acceptable for teenagers with moderate to severe obesity when used short-term and supported by a dietitian, Australian study finds

Written by | 22 Mar 2024

Short-term very low calorie diets are safe for teenagers living with moderate to severe obesity when closely monitored by an experienced dietitian, new research to be presented at […]

Infant health suffered during baby formula shortage

Written by | 11 Mar 2024

The nationwide baby formula shortage two years ago forced many parents to involuntarily switch brands or types. A recent survey from researchers at the University of California, Davis, […]

Study results show 25% of pregnant people are not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids from their diet or dietary supplements

Written by | 5 Mar 2024

Results from a new nationwide cohort study show that, despite strong recommendations in favor of consuming omega-3 fatty acids for optimal pregnancy outcomes and offspring health, 25% of […]

Small dietary changes can cut your carbon footprint by 25%

Written by | 3 Mar 2024

The latest Canada’s Food Guide presents a paradigm shift in nutrition advice, nixing traditional food groups, including meat and dairy, and stressing the importance of plant-based proteins. Yet, the full […]

Almost 1:10 adolescents non-prescription weight loss products globally

Written by | 15 Jan 2024

One in ten adolescents globally have used ineffective and potentially harmful non prescribed weight loss products in their lifetime, with 2% using them in the previous week. A […]

Early study shows health benefits of creative arts therapies and nutrition education for postmenopausal women

Written by | 14 Jan 2024

Transition to the menopausal stage of women’s lives can be a negative experience for women, with changes in emotional wellbeing and cardiovascular health that impact their quality of […]

Antibody reduces allergic reactions to multiple foods in NIH trial

Written by | 24 Dec 2023

A monoclonal antibody treatment significantly increased the amounts of multiple common foods that food-allergic children and adolescents could consume without an allergic reaction, according to a planned interim […]

Cocoa extract supplement found to have benefits for cognition among older adults with lower diet quality

Written by | 9 Dec 2023

WHO: Mass General Brigham researchers, Dr. Chirag Vyas and Dr. Olivia I. Okereke at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Dr. Howard Sesso and Dr. JoAnn Manson at Brigham and Women’s […]

New study finds current dosing recommendations may not help patients achieve optimal vitamin D levels

Written by | 14 Nov 2023

Low levels of Vitamin D have been shown to be associated with a higher risk of having a cardiac event, like a heart attack or stroke. For this […]

Young children drinking daily caffeinated soda found more likely to try alcohol within a year

Written by | 10 Nov 2023

The trend among younger children to frequently drink caffeinated soda may indicate higher risk of alcohol consumption in the future, new research suggests. In a study of over […]

Cigarette style warning labels could reduce people’s meat consumption

Written by | 6 Nov 2023

Cigarette style graphic warning labels could reduce people’s meat consumption, according to new research published today (1 November). The study suggests the use of warning labels on meat […]

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