New research shows pandemic’s toll on frontline healthcare workers

Written by | 28 Jan 2023

For frontline healthcare workers, the mental health impact from the pandemic is extending beyond career burnout.  Much of the attention on the mental toll suffered by frontline workers […]

Scientists explain emotional ‘blunting’ caused by common antidepressants

Written by | 24 Jan 2023

Scientists have worked out why common anti-depressants cause around a half of users to feel emotionally ‘blunted’. In a study published today, they show that the drugs affect […]

Culturally-informed mental health screenings improve school and community successes

Written by | 24 Dec 2022

As concerns about youth mental health, school shootings, and other forms of violence prompt more school systems to conduct mental health screenings, a UCR-led analysis is urging school […]

Physicians with beliefs about long-term harms of benzodiazepine are less likely to prescribe it

Written by | 7 Dec 2022

Despite the continuing growth of benzodiazepine (BZD)-related overdoses, BZD prescription rates have held constant. Much is unknown about how a doctor’s own beliefs about BZD use and potential […]

Increased need for mental health care strains capacity

Written by | 17 Nov 2022

Demand for mental health treatment has continued to increase as many psychologists report no longer having the capacity to see new patients, according to a new survey by […]

Suicide prevention: the role of the community pharmacy team

Written by | 12 Nov 2022

Hayley Gorton is an experienced clinical pharmacist who has specialised in mental health. As a senior lecturer at the University of Huddersfield she leads a research team with […]

The community pharmacy role in suicide prevention

Written by | 11 Nov 2022

The inclusion of antidepressants in the New Medicine Service for community pharmacists provides a good opportunity for pharmacist to provide extra support for patients at a critical time, […]

Understanding key issues in suicide prevention

Written by | 10 Nov 2022

Understanding the services that are available and the importance of avoiding stigmatising language can be key steps in contributing to suicide prevention, according to Dr Hayley Gorton, senior […]

Suicide prevention in perspective

Written by | 9 Nov 2022

Pharmacists and their teams represent an untapped resource in the field of suicide prevention. IMI spoke to Dr Hayley Gorton, senior lecturer in pharmacy practice at the University […]

Patients with clinical depression “stopped seeking treatment” during the COVID waves

Written by | 19 Oct 2022

In the first study of its kind, German researchers have shown that the COVID pandemic saw a huge drop in the number of patients being admitted to hospital […]

Personalized prediction of depression treatment outcomes with wearables

Written by | 26 Sep 2022

Over the past several years, managing one’s mental health has become more of a priority with an increased emphasis on self-care. Depression alone affects more than 300 million […]

Daytime eating may benefit mental health

Written by | 22 Sep 2022

Beating the blues with food? A new study adds evidence that meal timing may affect mental health, including levels of depression- and anxiety-related mood. Investigators from Brigham and […]

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