Lockdown skin cancer diagnosis delays linked to deaths and £6bn costs in Europe

Written by | 21 Feb 2024

Delays in diagnosing melanoma due to Covid-19 lockdown may have contributed to over 100,000 years of life lost across Europe and over £6bn in costs, mainly indirectly due […]

Pandemic lockdowns had severe mental health consequences for women in the developing world

Written by | 6 Apr 2022

While potentially crucial to preventing the spread of COVID-19, lockdowns are associated with increased rates of depression and anxiety as well as food insecurity among women in India […]

Revocation of vaccine mandates – effective 15th March

Written by | 1 Mar 2022

90% of respondents supported revocation of the vaccine mandate, in a public consultation exercise carried out in February 2022. The UK Government has today (March 1st) published its […]

Balancing the response to covid-19

Written by | 18 Oct 2020

As politicians grapple with the idea of a lockdown or a more stringent lockdown GPs have called for an end to the ‘one-track’ response – using covid deaths […]

The middle path to covid control

Written by | 15 Oct 2020

As the number of signatures on the Great Barrington Declaration nears half a million, support for the focused protection that it advocates appears to be growing There are […]

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