The work of Patient Safety Learning

Written by | 17 Sep 2022

Patient Safety Learning (PSL) is a charity that works as an independent voice for system-wide change through policy influencing, campaigning and promoting ‘how to’ resources for patient safety […]

Next steps for Patient Safety Learning

Written by | 16 Sep 2022

Helen Hughes, Chief Executive of Patient Safety Learning reflects on what has been learned over the past two years in the field of patient safety and outlines some […]

Campaigns and success stories for PSL

Written by | 15 Sep 2022

Although only three years old, Patient Safety Learning has already established thriving communities of practice and has run some very successful initiatives including a campaign to improve outpatient […]

Patient Safety Learning – what it does

Written by | 14 Sep 2022

The Patient Safety Learning Hub is an award-winning platform that serves as an open-access knowledge repository for information about patient safety. We spoke to Chief Executive, Helen Hughes […]

Pain management services and the British Pain Society

Written by | 19 Aug 2022

Pain affects people across a wide range of specialties and there is increasing evidence to suggest that medicines might not always be the answer. In this series of […]

Getting started in pain services

Written by | 18 Aug 2022

Effective management of chronic pain calls for an holistic approach and could draw on skills developed in the management of other chronic conditions, says Professor Roger Knaggs (Specialist […]

Working with the British Pain Society

Written by | 17 Aug 2022

As incoming President of the British Pain Society Professor Roger Knaggs (Specialist Pharmacist in pain management, Nottingham) is keen to find ways to help and support healthcare professionals […]

Pain management and opioid use in the community

Written by | 16 Aug 2022

Better education about opioids and careful patient monitoring could be the keys to reducing opioid-dependence and effective pain management, according to Professor Roger Knaggs (Specialist Pharmacist in pain […]

Why pain matters

Written by | 15 Aug 2022

Pain affects people with a wide range of conditions and, with increasing evidence to suggest that medicines might not always be the answer, there is more need than […]

Delirium – triggers and treatments

Written by | 24 Jun 2022

Delirium can affect up to 70 percent of patients in intensive care units (ICUs) and in other acute care settings; it is a condition that can have far-reaching […]

What can pharmacists contribute to delirium management?

Written by | 23 Jun 2022

Dr Cathrine McKenzie, Senior Pharmacist, Critical Care argues that pharmacists in all sectors need to be aware of delirium because they all have something to contribute. Moreover, a […]

Treatment options for delirium

Written by | 22 Jun 2022

The number of pharmacotherapies for delirium is “disappointingly low”, but a number of other measures can help and research into new and repurposed treatments is under way, says […]

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