Equivalency of drug and non-drug therapy for depression in heart failure

Written by | 3 Feb 2024

To treat depression in heart failure, patients can receive with similar efficacy either behavioral activation psychotherapy or antidepressant drug therapy, researchers report. The findings appeared on Jan.17, 2024 […]

Where patients live impacts whether they pick up their heart-failure medications

Written by | 20 Dec 2023

People who live in neighborhoods with higher levels of poverty and unemployment are less likely to fill their heart-failure drug prescriptions than those living in wealthier areas, a […]

Commonly prescribed hypertension drug, amlodipine, not actually dangerous

Written by | 14 Oct 2023

A new paper in the journal Function, published by Oxford Univetrsity Press, finds that a widely prescribed drug for treating hypertension, amlodipine, is not dangerous for patients, despite recent concerns from […]

A holistic approach to drug therapy for heart failure

Written by | 8 Jul 2023

A recent publication described the holistic approach to drug therapy in a patient with heart failure – an area where treatment has changed considerably over the past 30 […]

Who should oversee heart failure management?

Written by | 7 Jul 2023

The management of heart failure treatment is probably best done by a primary care team and pharmacists can play a major role in prescribing, says Paul Forsyth, Lead […]

What are the key challenges in the treatment of heart failure?

Written by | 6 Jul 2023

The key challenges in heart failure treatment include reaching the target dose, awareness of drug-specific issues that influence effectiveness and tackling adherence problems, according to Paul Forsyth, Lead […]

How should the four pillars of therapy for heart failure be prescribed?

Written by | 5 Jul 2023

Current thinking advocates the use of ‘four pillars of heart failure therapy’. Paul Forsyth, Lead Pharmacist, Clinical Cardiology at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, explains how this treatment […]

Why does heart failure matter?

Written by | 4 Jul 2023

A recent publication described the holistic approach to drug therapy in a patient with heart failure – an area where treatment has changed considerably over the past 30 […]

Prescribing of key heart failure medications improved with tailored digital alerts

Written by | 21 Jun 2023

Doctors who received customized electronic health record (EHR) alerts for specific patients were 2.5 times as likely to prescribe mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists (MRAs), a guideline-recommended class of heart […]

NICE Quality Standards for managing chronic heart failure

Written by | 10 Mar 2023

Dr Rani Khatib is a Consultant Cardiology Pharmacist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Associate Professor at the Leeds Institute for Cardiometabolic Medicine (LICaM), University of Leeds. As […]

What are the implications of the NICE Quality Standards?

Written by | 9 Mar 2023

The updated and expanded NICE quality standards should be used in all care settings to audit and improve services for people with chronic heart failure, according to Dr […]

Why do we need NICE Quality Standards for chronic heart failure?

Written by | 8 Mar 2023

Dr Rani Khatib is a consultant pharmacist in cardiology and cardiovascular research and associate professor at the University of Leeds. As a member of the NICE Guideline Development […]

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