Professional footballers fought fatigue for six weeks after COVID infection, study shows

Written by | 10 Aug 2022

Matchday performance of professional footballers dropped after recovering from COVID-19 with three quarters fighting fatigue for six weeks, a University of Essex study has found. The study – […]

Conventional vaccine messages miss the mark

Written by | 3 May 2022

Promotional campaigns designed to increase vaccine uptake are often ineffective, according to a new study in eight European countries. Some initiatives which highlight the benefits of immunisation may […]

New COVID-19 nasal spray outperforms current antibody treatments in mice

Written by | 19 Apr 2022

A new protein-based antiviral nasal spray developed by researchers at Northwestern University, University of Washington and Washington University at St. Louis is being advanced toward Phase I human […]

Smoking increased in those trying to quit during COVID-19, study shows

Written by | 13 Apr 2022

While smoking rates have declined dramatically in the United States, there are still 35 million smokers. There are few data about whether, and if so, how current cigarette […]

Researchers roll out data on COVID vaccine distribution and waste

Written by | 11 Apr 2022

Researchers are rolling out a data set that provides detailed information on COVID-19 vaccine shipments and wastage across the United States, with the goal of spurring new data […]

Saliva testing for COVID-19 quicker, safer than nasal swabs

Written by | 22 Mar 2022

Genetic testing of saliva samples identifies the SARS-CoV-2 virus more quickly than testing of nasal swabs. The research is published March 21 in Microbiology Spectrum, a journal of the American Society […]

A third of new moms during early COVID had postpartum depression

Written by | 17 Mar 2022

One in three new mothers during early COVID-19 screened positive for postpartum depression — nearly triple pre-pandemic levels — and 1 in 5 had major depressive symptoms, say […]

Clinical trial reveals new treatment option for COVID-19

Written by | 16 Mar 2022

A clinical trial conducted by researchers from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and Beaumont Hospital Dublin has indicated an effective treatment for critically ill COVID-19 patients. […]

Mass media and building trust

Written by | 13 Mar 2022

Open discussion of the scientific evidence and the uncertainties could have generated less political polarisation, less wasted expenditure but built more trust, according to Allyson Pollock, Clinical Professor […]

Natural immunity and protecting children

Written by | 12 Mar 2022

Covid is far less serious for children, long-covid is not a big issue and many also have natural immunity – all of which raises questions over whether children […]

Covid passports – the questions to ask

Written by | 11 Mar 2022

There are several theoretical reasons for implementing vaccine passports but now that none of these apply any longer in the UK it is difficult to see a rationale […]

Covid vaccination – the knowns and unknowns

Written by | 10 Mar 2022

Many factors influence decisions about vaccine use including many ‘unknowns’ and this raises questions about the wisdom of targeting young people and recommending boosters for everyone, explains Allyson […]

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